Got Glass?   An Exciting New Material for Today’s Inspired Homeowner

By Jennifer Croy Bostic, Design Coordinator

Are you looking for something beautiful, perhaps unique or even a bit trendy for your new home or renovation?  Are you considering an update to your kitchen, bathroom or other area? If so, then look no further, actually right through my suggestion, glass– yes, glass for your next project.  A sturdy but pliable material that lets you personalize your home in ways you may have never imagined.  When dreaming of your new kitchen countertops and backsplashes, don’t forget to consider this exciting new design option.

Glass combines beauty with function because of its maintenance free and durable surface that pops in a broad range of textures, colors, and custom features.  Clear, textured, or frosted are just a few choices to incorporate, even your favorite photographs can be showcased.   One can be adventurous, bold even– begin to think outside of the design box with an architectural piece!  Shower doors, room dividers, wall art, doors, water features and more, glass brings about unlimited potential and exciting new ideas.

On HGTV’s website,  Farima Alavi  writes that ”aside from its sleek, clean appearance, glass countertops have many benefits. Glass can be cut into any shape and texture and can be stained in any color. Even though it’s a pricier option, it’s becoming increasingly more popular because of its modern look. It’s easy to keep clean and its non-porous surface makes it stain-resistant and one of the most hygienic countertop materials available…”

HGTV, Danenberg Design, E. Palo Alto, CA 94303

Angie’s List Ellen Miller highlights a kitchen and bath remodeler that says, “about 5 percent of his customers choose recycled glass countertops by IceStone, Vertrazzo and Geos, while most choose engineered quartz.   But he, too, thinks more kitchen and bathroom remodeling customers will consider glass.”

So far, the idea of glass countertops is appealing but you may be concerned about the practicality, long range endurance or perhaps even sustainability of this innovative product.  Consumer Reports states that “most of the recycled-glass counters we tested resisted cuts, heat, and abrasion very well.  Best for contemporary look when it’s made with large shards, or it can resemble solid surfacing when it’s finely ground.  Resistant to heat, cuts and scratches.”  In their December 2013 KITCHEN Planning and Buying Guide’s Rating of countertops, recycled glass placed 3rd (price & test results for stains, cutting, heat, abrasion & impact) directly beneath top rated quartz and second in line, granite.

A major consideration for any homeowner should be that this product can be very green.  Pay close attention to the manufacturer’s  cradle-to-grave rating, an industry-independent approval given to products that are safe for both people and the planet, and are also designed for a long life cycle.  Refer to the National Sanitation Foundation’s (NSF) article “NSF International Developing Science–Based Product Category Rule (PCR) for Residential Countertops “ for a deeper understanding of this initiative.  NSF Sustainability, is a division of NSF International that provides sustainability standards development, testing, certification and claims validation for commercial and consumer green products and provides EPD third-party verification by confirming that the data was collected in accordance with the applicable PCR and meets all ISO requirements.

These standards  are extremely important to Granite Source too, read about our green initiatives at

Studio L Glass, Cedar Rapids, IA

Still uncertain about glass?  Rather than jump into the latest design trend with both feet, perhaps you might consider a small touch that will still add a “wow” factor.  Envision a backlit tile backsplash for your basement wet bar or a small custom water feature for your spa inspired bathroom.  Homeowners have the ability to choose from a ready palette of shapes, colors and patterns with a mix from contemporary to traditional to complement their current design dreams.  During a recent visit to EleGant Marble & Granite in Sterling, Virginia, I fell in love with multiple slabs however, two were my favorites– Skyy Vodka bottles crushed and incorporated into sleek slabs, prominent with vibrant sapphire blue shards and another slab warmed with amber flecks that brought images of rough hewed beams and river views.

In addition to our local stone wholesalers, Granite Source has recently partnered with Studio L Glassworks ; their variety of colors and choices are almost limitless.  Consumer Reports humorously interjects that “one man’s empty beer bottle is another man’s kitchen counter.  That’s the idea behind recycled-glass countertops.”  Today’s homeowner has a new tool to add to their design horizon, so before you commit to your project’s stone choice, visit us at Granite Source.  Let us help you enlarge your design palette with variety of exciting glass (and stone too!) choices.  Stop in our new Showroom at 14554 Lee Road, Chantilly, VA anytime Monday through Friday between 9 to 3 or call 703/961-9557 to schedule a consultation.